Rockwood is a newcomer in the RV industry, and it’s only been around for about a few decades. Despite its new status, however, it’s the type of brand that believes in constant improvement, especially since it has a lot to prove. Rockwood tries to build up its reputation by

Recreational Vehicle RVoffering newer and newer features with its RV’s, while seeking to outdo other brands in other areas.

As a result, RV trailers have innovative floor plans, options and features. So if you’re looking for something new and different, Rockwood trailers are always worth a look.
Some of the best features of Rockwood RV’s include:

- Power Awnings

- Solid Wood Doors and Drawers

- Aluminum Wheels

- An LCD TV with Dolby Speakers and Bluetooth Technology

It’s also worth mentioning that Rockwood takes pride in the construction of their RV’s. Whether it’s entry level units or top of the line products, only the best construction materials and techniques are used to create it. Aluminum dinette frames, for example, are added for extra durability, while an enclosed underbelly protects the components of the trailer from damage.

Structurally engineered materials allow Rockwood RV’s to be one of the strongest in the market, and ensures the safety and comfort of its users. So as far as quality, durability, comfort and quality features go, Rockwood has plenty to offer.

Moreover, independent wheel suspension are used to create a self-damping action, and rubber cushioning is used to eliminate metal to metal tension. In order to provide better insulation and increased interior height, Rockwood RV’s also have vacuum bonded radius roof as well as vaulted ceilings.

Thanks to these construction techniques, Rockwood trailers possess a certain amount of durability, which is expected in most high-quality RV’s. With Rockwood, however, you get more features and nice aesthetics to go along with the sturdy exterior.


The Pros and Cons of Rockwood Trailers

Rockwood travel trailers are designed using the latest technologies and sold for the most affordable prices. However, there are also other important benefits to consider if you are interested in buying a Rockwood RV. Here are some of them:

- Extra sleeping rooms are available in most Rockwood trailers, which means that you won’t have to worry about sleeping arrangements if you decide to bring one extra person along for the trip.

- All Rockwood trailers are designed to offer a certain degree of comfort and convenience. Whether it’s well-designed floor plans or just nice beds and sofas, your Rockwood RV can help you stay comfortable even under the most stressful situations.

- Rockwoord travel trailers offer plenty of extra storage space. Adding extra space on a trailer is not always easy, particularly if you want that trailer to give you a lot of nice things. However, Rockwood has managed to pull this off. Most Rockwoord trailers do, in fact, offer extra space for you to store extra supplies or to simply have more options for your trailer.

- Rockwood also offers a wide selection of Floor Plans.

- Rockwood offers many types of products. These include Rockwood Mini Ultra Lite, Rockwood Roo, Rockwood Ultra Lite, and Rockwood Signature Ultra.

- Rockwood Ultra Lite trailers are furnished with furniture which are made using quality craftsmanship. This is particularly true in regards to the kitchen and dinette, both of which feature well crafted facilities and accessories.

- The Rockwood Emerald Package adds value to the RV and creates a sense of sophistication for its occupants.

- Rockwood Mini Lite trailers may not have plenty of space, but the layout of the position of the windows allow for plenty of light to enter into the RV during a sunny day.

- Most Rockwood trailers can be towed by small sports utility vehicles as well as family driving vans.

- Rockwood travel trailers are designed to have flexible floor plans, which allows you to include more amenities despite the relatively small size of the average Rockwood RV.


All RV brands have their cons, and for Rockwood it’s all about beating other RV brands. Although Rockwood offers a lot of great products, it also has yet to create something special. The Ultra Lite, Roo and Signature Ultra offers a lot of features, but they’re not particularly exceptional.

Moreover, Rockwood’s features tend to lean more towards aesthetics than functionality. Although living in a beautiful RV that’s furnished with the best craftsmanship can be quite nice, it doesn’t offer more in terms of practicality. So if you do want to buy a Rockwood RV, remember that you are not just paying for functionality, you’re also paying a lot for aesthetics. Whether or not that’s important is up to you.

Finally, it’s important to remember that Rockwood focuses on fitting a lot of amenities on their relatively small RV’s. Although not necessarily a bad thing (considering the flexible floor plans of many Rockwood trailers), just remember that you won’t get a lot of extra space. For some people, this isn’t a bad thing, but for the more claustrophobic types, it can be a real problem. Rockwood deals with this issue by increased lighting and by increasing the beauty of their RV’s. However, space is space, and Rockwood doesn’t offer a lot of it.


Despite its minor flaws, and the fact that it’s one of the slightly more expensive RV brands in the market. It offers a lot of great items, flexible floor plans, high interior ceilings and better than average quality. If you want something that matches great taste with great features, Rockwood offers the RV’s you need.

Also, Rockwood trailers are relatively durable, so you won’t need to worry about major exterior damage. What you should be worried about, however, is the maintenance cost and upkeep. Given the high quality items included in a Rockwood RV, you will need to spend some time making sure that all of the expensive stuff in the RV won’t break down.

This also applies to the some of the extra compartments that may be added into the floor plan. Aside from these challenges, however, Rockwood is a good option to try if you’re looking for a special RV.

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 Healthy Lunch in RV Kitchen

Coleman is what you might call a very old company. It’s so old, in fact, that it many of the photos taken at the time of its founding are in black and white. Originally, Coleman only produced camping stoves, sleeping bags and tents, and it didn’t produce any RV’s until other RV manufacturers have already been established.

However, what makes Coleman a solid and relatively popular RV brand is that fact that it has produced reliable and high quality camping gear for a very long time. This level of quality is carried over to their RV’s, which is why if you buy a Coleman trailer, you can expect it to be one of the best vacation RV’s in the market.

Also, given the experience Coleman has in regards to camping and other related activities, they have a special insight on what people want whenever they go out on a trip or when they have a nice, relaxing vacation.

Although neither very cheap nor the most durable, what makes Coleman travel trailers special is the fact that they are designed to help their users perform a whole range of outdoor activities. These include hiking, camping, hunting, swimming, tailgating, fishing and boating.

And even if you don’t like any of these things, a Coleman trailer can still give you a very relaxing outdoor vacation by including plenty of comfortable amenities. The point here is that Coleman designs its travel trailers not as a way to store up things or withstand tornadoes, but to give you a nice and well rounded vacation.

When you buy a Coleman travel trailer, you can expect it to have plenty of features and offer a lot of value. So if you’re looking for an RV that will help you have a fun and comfortable vacation, a Coleman trailer is one of your best options.


What Are The Benefits of Using Coleman Travel Trailers?

Like all travel trailers, Coleman has designed its trailers and RV’s to serve a particular niche, and this niche happens to be family vacations. As we’ve already mentioned Coleman is all about having plenty of features. So if you’re wondering what these features are, here are several examples to help you get started.

- Basic Coleman trailer features include aluminum exterior, large pass through storage areas/compartments and radial tires

- Diamond plate rock guards and awnings are also included in most models.

- With Expedition RV models, floor plans are all conventionally constructed. Also, with Expedition models, you get plenty of storage areas, a freshwater system with a 60 gallon capacity as well as the Summit insulation package along with an enclosed underbelly for added protection.

- With the Explorer model, the floor, walls and ceilings are enclosed by Eterna-Bond aluminum construction, which is perfect for increasing the size and capacity of the RV without sacrificing weight and towability.

- Also, when you purchase the Coleman Ultra-Light Explorer model, you get an RV which is protected by high-gloss fiberglass. You can also expect a few heat holding tanks, a relatively large pass through storage area as well as slam latch baggage doors. And if you want more space, the Summit K2 upgrade is available as well.

It’s also worth mentioning that most Coleman travel trailers are designed to have versatile floor plans to accommodate a whole range of items for one’s trip. Because the goal of most floor plans is to help you plan a happy and well-supplied trip, it’s important that you plan what sort of items you want to have on your RV. This way, you’ll have an easier time browsing through the various floor plan options on Coleman’s website.


What Are The Challenges of Owning a Coleman RV?

Thedownside in having all these different features is that Coleman travel trailers tend to be high-maintenance products that require careful use. Yes, we all like the fact that our travel trailer offers us everything we need to have a fun vacation, but there’s a down side to that.

First of all, if your RV has extra stoves, extra bunks, extra electronics and extra everything else, you will have more maintenance work with and worry about. This is particularly true when you go on vacations, where some of the items in your Coleman RV will be put to the test. Although Coleman designs its trailers to be durable, having a lot of things inside your trailer always leads to more work.

The second problem is that trailers which have a lot of features also often require a lot of replacements, and when this happens, you better be ready to contact a Coleman dealer for the parts of you need. Basically, the more features your RV has, the more replacements it will require.

Normally, this isn’t a problem with careful maintenance, but on the other hand, even the best and most durable items break down over time, and this certainly holds true for RV’s. Coleman trailers aren’t exactly frail, but they’re not the most durable RV’s in the market either, and when you put such travel trailers in a difficult area with bad weather, it is possible
that some of your RV’s parts will get damaged.

Finally, buying an RV with a lot of features usually also means that it costs a lot more than RV’s with very few fixtures. Although it’s nice to have a great vacation with an RV with plenty of useful tools, those tools usually have a price tag. So don’t expect to buy a Coleman travel trailer for a very low price. Although you can find plenty of affordable Coleman RV’s, their cost will naturally increase the moment you ask for additional features.

There are certainly a lot of great things about Coleman trailers, but there are quite a few challenges as well. However, if you can cope with such challenges then Coleman travel trailers will give you a lot of cool things to work with whenever you go camping. Just remember that Coleman designed its trailers for family fun, and it lives up to that reputation quite well.


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